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Traffic Accidents and Crimes

No doubt that the traffic issues receive a great attention due to their close relationship to the lives and safety of people. Hence, countries have been keen to issue traffic laws, regulations and instructions that set the rules and principles of driving vehicles and controls of registering and using various means of transportation, in addition to determining the traffic crimes and penalties.

Traffic specialists attribute the causes of occurrence of the traffic accidents to one of the following reasons: driver’s mistake and negligence, a defect in the roads, a defect in the requirements of durability and safety of the vehicle or the reason may be attributed to the bad weather conditions, such as rain, fog and darkness. However, it is agreed upon that the driver is the main cause of about 80% of traffic crimes. Therefore, it is very important to seek assistance of the best experienced lawyer/legal consultant who is aware, knowledgeable and has extensive previous work in lawsuits, accidents and crimes of traffic.


They are the criminal acts committed on the internet or other networks, through digital devices, such as smart phones, computers, e-mail or chat rooms, etc.

Cybercrimes target victims from the individuals and even large companies, through various methods, such as phishing and illegal installation of malware, which leads to loss of income, defaming reputation, financial losses and data encryption with viruses that can only be processed by paying money to the internet hackers.

Despite the majority of criminals have very simple technical capabilities, but digital attacks are witnessing an increasing in using the advanced tools available in the virtual criminal market on the internet. As some criminal groups develop their activities, cybercrimes are also developing and growing rapidly.

Lawsuits and Crimes of Narcotics Addiction:

It is the condition resulting from ongoing use of narcotic substances, so that the one becomes psychologically and physically dependent on them, and even needs to increase the dose from time to time to get the same effect always.


It is any plant or manufactured substance that contains hypnotic, analgesic or lethargic elements, which, if use for purposes other than medical purposes, cause the body to become lethargic and inactive and paralyzing its activity, and infecting the central nervous system, respiratory system and circulatory system with the chronic diseases.

Why should I seek assistance of the best lawyer/legal consultant for the lawsuits of narcotics?

No doubt that involvement in the drug lawsuits or crimes, whether the one is accused of drug abuse, dealing or trafficking, is crucial matter to human life, and constitutes a direct threat to your career, reputation and future as a whole, and you may even spend many years in prison. Hence, if you experienced such event, you should immediately, without hesitation, seek assistance of experienced and skilled lawyer, and seek assistance of the best and most skilled lawyers/legal consultants in the lawsuits of drugs/narcotics.

Due to the discrepancy between the penalties prescribed for drug lawsuits according to the accusation, there is a difference between an addict and the dealing for the purpose of trafficking. Therefore, you should seek assistance and consultancy of the best lawyers in drug lawsuits, who has experience and high skill to work on various drug lawsuits in a precise and confidential manner, so that he studies all aspects of your lawsuit accurately in order to find all legal loopholes, and who has the ability and skill required for formulating all memos and pleadings in an elaborate manner.

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